receipt center

Receipt Center

One of my first launches at Square — a simple receipt search tool to assist customers who purchase from a Square merchant.

While working on the risk & disputes team, I spent a lot of time learning about fraud and the operations that goes behind managing risk at a young and growing company. Square revolutionized the way small business owners accepted credit cards as a form of payment. This also created a lot of unfamiliarity for first-time buyers at a Square merchant about purchases they don't remember.

If you own a credit card then you may be aware of a common customer protection process called, the chargeback process. On a small team, we were tasked with operationalizing and understanding why Square was receiving disputes from cardholders who made purchases.

Receipt Center was one solution to solve a common problem: getting customers to remember about their purchase.  


When we learned through operations that many of the disputes we were receiving were from customers who simply did not remember about a small purchase, the operations team would send a copy of the digital receipt to the cardholder's bank who would then relay that to the customer. Often times this was enough proof for the customer to remember. 

During a hack week at Square, I was given the opportunity to develop a prototype which evolved into what is now living at www.squareup.com/receipts.

I product managed the development working with one designer & one engineer to bring a solution utilizing resources we already had living within the Square product ecosystem.